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Does SEO Really Work?

Does SEO really work? The truth can be found on this very site. We don’t pay a penny for advertising. The thousands of visitors we receive are all derived from SEO efforts in one way or another.

SEO is simply a lazy persons way of saying search engine optimization. It is the procedural and artistic effort to manipulate the pages of a website in such a way that search engines such as Google and Yahoo fall in love with the pages. What happens when it is love at first sight? You go to the top of the rankings for the keyword phrases detailed on the pages of your site. If you pick keyword phrases that people use to search for things, you should get free traffic. As you are reading this text, you should be realizing you constitute just such a visitor to our site!

This site receives about 30,000 to 50,000 visitors a month. Our cost in “getting” these visitors is $0. The only other way we could effectively produce this much traffic would be to run a pay-per-click campaign on Google Adwords or Yahoo. As you can imagine, internet marketing services tend to be competitive, so the average cost per hit on these platforms would be around $3. Assuming we generated 30,000 visitors, our cost would be $90,000 a month [$3 x 30,000 visitors]. Does SEO really work? $0 or $90,000 – you do the math!

In all honesty, this example is a bit of a half truth. With your site, you are going to need to hire a firm such as ours unless you want to spend a couple years learning SEO for yourself. Most businesses don’t have the time, but it is an option.

SEO professionals are not the cheapest. You can expect to pay thousands each month for a good company, which is still a lot less than most PPC campaigns. Where you really start to make hay, however, is in the long run. There is a secret about SEO. The longer your site is up, the higher you will rank if you make an effort to SEO it. Ultimately, this leads to a situation where your site just sits in the top rankings and pulls in free traffic day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Sound nice? It is! It’s like owning the hen that lays the golden egg each morning!

SEO Dos and Donts

Search engine optimization, “seo”, is a much-debated topic and there is a lot of misinformation on the net. Let’s cut through the muck and discuss seo dos and donts.

SEO Dos and Donts

Before blasting into the dos and donts, we need to define seo. Seo simply refers to the manipulation of a site to gain top rankings on the three search engines that dominate the search traffic on the net – Yahoo, Google and MSN. If you do a search on Google, the seo listings are found in the large section on the left hand side of the page. Top rankings through seo are often called “organic rankings.”

The first seo do is to the most basic and the one we find the biggest mistakes in. Pick the correct keywords for your site! The correct keywords are not what you personally think based on your knowledge of your service or product. They are not the phrases returned in the Overture inventory tool, an inaccurate tool if ever there was one. The only place you will find the exact keyword phrases you should use are in Wordtracker. The site gives you an analytical tool that provides the exact keyword phrases being used by your prospects, how often they are being used and which are easiest to get high rankings on. It costs a whopping $8 for a single session, but you’ll want to get a year subscription so you can pick up different cycles of keywords. Your prospects will search for different things in summer compared to winter.

Word Tracker

The second seo do is the isolation keyword strategy. Many people will try to cram as many keywords into a page as possible. Many seo gurus suggest a keyword total of 10 to 15 words. This is an old approach that works, but it will take much longer to get high rankings. Instead, you should develop a list of as many keyword phrases as possible. A single page should be made for each keyword phrase. For instance, the keyword phrase for this page is “seo dos and donts”. The page is devoted solely to this phrase, as are the meta tags. You should never have to pick one keyword phrase instead of another for your site. Instead, you should make individual pages for each phrase.

A third seo do is the structure of the top and bottom of the page. The page should always start off with your keyword phrase as a heading. The first paragraph of text should incorporate your keyword phrase and the paragraph should also be your meta description. Following the first paragraph, you should list a bold subtitle of the exact keyword. Finally, the last paragraph of text on the page should also incorporate your keyword phrase as Yahoo tends to read it for some bizarre reason. You can see an example of this approach by analyzing this page.

A major fourth seo do is interlinking. The links from one page of your site to another matter a lot. When you create a link, make sure the link is the anchor text for the page the prospect will be going to. Anchor text is simply the keyword phrase on that page. If you look at the bottom of this page, you will see such a link going to our “search engine optimization” page.

Seo donts are a dime a dozen. Don’t put your site name in your meta title, the search engines will list you high without it. Don’t skimp on text, you need at least 250 words per page. Don’t put database parameters in your urls because spiders have problems reading them. Stay away from flash as much as possible for the same reason. Stick to a single subject per page, don’t wonder around like a drunken web designer! For the love of God, don’t use frames. Finally, keep your html code streamlined so search engines can read it with ease.

The list of seo dos and donts is nearly endless. Follow these simple steps, however, and you will see marked improvement in your seo rankings.

SEO Tips: Link Building

Ah, the joys of link building and seo. If you have a new site, here are some seo tips on link building that you might want to use in your search engine optimization efforts.

SEO Tips: Link Building

Link building simply refers to an issue in seo known as relevancy. When ranking sites in search engine results, Google tends to list the site that is the most relevant. There are a lot of factors that go into determining relevancy, but the number of other sites linking to yours is one of them. This is why a site like the one for the IRS is high in search results for tax issues even though it does not trade links per se.

Ideally, you want only inbound links from other sites that are relevant to the subject of your site. If you have a plumbing site, you want links from other plumbing or home improvement sites. Despite all the junk email you receive, links from casino and pharmacy sites are not going to help the rankings for your plumbing site. They will hurt the rankings because they are not relevant. This is one of the key, but most misunderstood, seo tips for link building.

When building links to your site, Google favors a slow, steady increase in links. If you want top rankings on Google, you should follow this mantra with one exception. If you have a new site, you need not be a slave to this approach.

As you probably know, new sites are not ranked by Google. Instead, your site will sit for six months or so in the much discussed Google sandbox. Given this fact, you really don’t need to worry about Google for the same period of time when it comes to link building. Google isn’t going to rank you anyway, so picking up the pace when link building isn’t really a problem.

With a brand new site, I prefer to create as many legitimate, relevant links as possible as soon as possible. The reason is I find it beneficial to start aging the links as soon as possible. Links to your site tend to grow in value the longer they exist on another site. From my point of view, why not maximize the number as quickly as possible? It isn’t like it is going to hurt your rankings on Google. You aren’t going to have any!

In taking this approach, I am not suggesting that you purchase links, use link farms or so on. I am just suggesting that you maximize your link trading efforts immediately to build up as many links as possible and get the aging process rolling. As you approach month four in the sandbox, you can start scaling back your efforts to a more slow and steady approach. Among the various seo tips for link building, this approach has worked over and over.

Earn Easy Money By Submitting Offers

Ever heard of easy money from completing offers for Zip / Email Submitting? If not read on and earn easy money

First step is finding companies that offer such offers there are many search on Google and you will find even more a few sample firms are:

www.neverblue.com/ www.maxbounty.com/ www.rocketprofit.com/

While selecting offers make sure you choose wisely and select the network or service that provides the best conversion rates in addition to the ones that you think you can market well

After you have selected your network and the product all you need to do is create a solid landing page. For those of you who do not know what a landing page is it’s the page that will prompt users to click on your link. If you are not that good a writer make sure to hire professionals as a good landing page is half the work done. If the landing page has images with SELECT OR VOTE in read written over it and user clicks it they are taken to take the offer neat isn’t it? Free button makers are easily available online just search for them. A note of caution here everyone wants to earn money but no one wants to help someone else earn money so make sure you mask your affiliate links and codes wisely the best way to do this is via buying a new domain they are available cheaply using various coupons on hostgator and moniker namecheap etc and if not but the cheapest domain even .tv or .me would do if you ask me.

After you have done the groundwork all you now need is a way to divert the traffic that will complete the offers, there are various ways of accomplishing it you can advertise on sites like sitepoint and dp and get traffic cheaply, but in my experience that kind of traffic does not last usually convert, so I suggest spending a little on Google keywords but make sure you choose the ‘keywords’ wisely and do not pay more that 0.1$ for every click, so let’s see if the offer pays 2$ one should expect a good profit and ROI but remember to use a variety of CPC’s and various keywords to keep the revenue flowing..

How To Earn Money Online By Flipping Websites

I am sure you must have heard of terms like “Website Flipping” and “Domain Flipping”. And I’m sure that many have tried doing it, but failed to sell the website at a good price or even failed to bring traffic. The former being most common, so I’ve tried to enlist some factors here that people generally don’t give higher priority when they ought to.

I’ve come across many a webmasters, who try to flip easy-to-make i.e. the likes of turnkey sites like image-hosting, arcades, and proxy sites etc.etc. Do you really think that people would like to offer a good price for something like that? I would rather make my own site than buy that!

Place yourself in the buyer’s shoes and think about this: would you prefer to buy an image-hosting site getting about 1000 page-views just because he hot-linked some images on popular forums OR would you prefer to purchase a blog which gets good traffic and has unique designs and good posts?

In my opinion, flipping turnkeys is not the best way or you can say, most efficient way to make money online. I would suggest you create blog, post unique content and a suitable design. Try out different niches like Finance, Education, Medicine, Web mastering etc. which are the highest paying niches out there. So if you have a good design, unique and well organised posts, then it is most likely that a buyer would bid on the site.

You can also make good a profit out of WordPress Blogs, if you’ve posted unique content on it and some plug-ins installed, optimized an having a good template. Then you don’t even need a good traffic to sell it since, buyers are looking for sites having potential.

Just make sure the blog has an attractive and eye-catching theme, some unique articles (4-5), some important plug-ins like All-In-One SEO or Google sitemap, and should be user friendly. And if you fulfil the above requirements, then I assure you, the effort won’t go in vain.

How To Make Money Online With A Blog

If you don’t mind writing, you can make money online with a blog. A blog is like a personal diary or even a guide to the web. Your blog can be about whatever you want it to be about as long as you can regularly deliver blog content about that topic to your audience.

Get a blog and begin blogging about a topic that you like. If you write about something that you do not particularly like, your blog can quickly become a cumbersome chore. Make it easy on yourself by choosing something that you could talk about day or night.

The way that you make money from your blog is from selling blog posts that promote a service or product. When the popularity of your blog is high, you can command a greater price for your blog ads. Your blog posts should be between 150 - 400 or more words. Some advertisers require longer posts.

Look at other blogs related to your topic, the length of the posts and the advertisers on the blog’s website and compare the styles of writing used on the blogs. Write in a style that is most natural for you. Once you have had a blog for 2 or 3 months, you will begin to attract an audience. At this point, you become interesting to potential advertisers who want to promote their business.

If you are writing at least 10 posts per month, you may begin to sell blog post space so such advertisers. When you can write at least five blog posts per week that is even better. The reason is that each new blog post represents another chance to get noticed by the search engines, which raises your potential for a larger audience for your advertisers. Market your blog effectively for an even larger audience for you and your advertisers.

Tips To Increase Your Adsense Revenue

The Google Adsense programme has become a great hit among Webmasters and Web developers alike, many people are looking towards this programme so that they can generate some income out of their websites. When adding content you have to make sure that the content is well processed and written in good English or any other language that you are using to convey your message across.

However there are some tips that website owners have to follow if they are trying to make some good money out of the Adsense programme. There are a lot of opportunity available to make a very good amount of cash every month, there are many people around the world who are making thousands of dollars with their websites using the Adsense programme. Let us look at some of the tips that may help you to rake in benefits of this programme.

While you are using the Adsense programme on your blog or your website, it is very important that you make sure that you either recruit good content writers to produce valuable and informative content regularly or you do that yourself. There are several people around the world who run search engine optimisation business who could help you with this, as mentioned in the Adsense website and the other documents that are published by Google, we can clearly notice that the Google considers content to be the king, your content and the keywords mentioned on your content are the most important factors when it comes to your page ranking on the Google site, it is also important to make sure that your content is not published any where else on the web other than your website.

Following the market trend is very important if you are trying to target consumers in a particular niche. The market trend varies according to the demand and supply in that particular market, for example, the search phrase that was most searched in the United States for the month of October and November was that of Britney Spears, hence if you are looking at selling or advertising fashion bags it makes complete sense that you give the content which has some reference to Britney spears and bags, above mentioned was just an example as to how you can make use of the search term phrases to improve the pay per click.

All the best in your pursuit to make use of the Adsense programme to the utmost.